Floating Bed

A collaboration with Briana Taylor at the Hampden Gallery – UMASS Amherst. Child’s Bed, Handkerchiefs, 4×5 Negatives, Thread, Shredded Microfilm, Dye, Salt, LED strip, Video Projection.


Lot’s Wife 

While floating on the surface of the Dead Sea, I contemplate the annihilation of two cities, followed by the execution of the only witness.


Threshold Limit

This is a video of the installation I completed for the Maverick Mechanisms exhibition at Paper City Studios in Holyoke, Massachusettes. It consists of 100 molotov cocktails mounted to a 6 x 11 foot chain link fence. I used this as a screen to project video with alternating images and sounds of fire and water. The companion piece is The Tyger, which was projected on the opposing wall.


The Tyger 

William Blake’s poem juxtaposed with video I shot at the Robodock Technology & Arts Festival in Amsterdam. I projected this video on the opposing wall in the room where I installed Threshold Limit.

There are no actors in this video.

You are seeing the events that I witnessed and captured that evening.