Lot’s Wife 

While floating on the surface of the Dead Sea, I contemplate the annihilation of two cities, followed by the execution of the only witness.

The Tyger 

William Blake’s poem juxtaposed with video I shot at the Robodock Technology & Arts Festival in Amsterdam. I projected this video on the opposing wall in the room where I installed Threshold Limit.

There are no actors in this video.

You are seeing the events that I witnessed and captured that evening.


Threshold Limit

This is a video of the installation I completed for the Maverick Mechanisms exhibition at Paper City Studios in Holyoke, Massachusettes. It consists of 100 molotov cocktails mounted to a 6 x 11 foot chain link fence. I used this as a screen to project video with alternating images and sounds of fire and water. The companion piece is The Tyger, which was projected on the opposing wall.